Saturday, June 30, 2012


i had this idea one time. it involved being one of those really crafty bloggers that did stuff. well, i do stuff, i'm just so busy doing it that i forget to post about it...whoops.  but actually, will i ever master the art of continuous blogging? maybe when i keep my room clean.
finished junior year and passed all my classes. not that passing has ever been a concern...but i passed.
efy. what a weird year at that place. fun, but weird. still wearing my bracelet trying to get a tan line. mostly because some people doubt my tanning skills. i have them, i just would rather not get skin cancer. spf 50 for this lady.
trek. three days, that's seventy two hours. twenty five of which were spent on a bus, twenty four of which were spent sleeping. the other twenty four? nauvoo, mount pisgah, far west, adam ondai ohman, and endless excitement.
work. hello red and khaki. lots of it.
i guess i should also mention the summer excitement with friends in between all the craziness. it happened. dance about it.

Monday, June 4, 2012

ice cream saturday.

rollerskating, chinese food, walking around wayzata beach with ben and jerry's ice cream cones in hand, cute pictures, convincing my friends to watch a mormon movie, driving around lost in my car, looking at the clock and realizing that the day managed to go by so fast. not wanting it to end. a saturday that was a hopeful glimpse into what will hopefully be a long hot summer.
what a blissful weekend. only four more days until summer. FOUR.