ten things

1. rain is my favorite weather because the best moments happen in the rain: first kisses, movie nights, cookie dough, sleep, absolute panic as you sprint to the car in your prom dress.
2. my kitchen-aid is named Nutmegan, laugh and i will hunt you down.
3. i think afternoons are best spent driving around aimlessley with the windows rolled down, drinking mango smoothies, ingrid michaelson playing in the background, best friends in the passenger seats.
4. i'm a firm supporter of hand holding and think it is definately underrated.
5. ice cream is my main food group.
6. pink is my favorite color.
7. baking is my passion but i love all things food.
8. i want to live in Spain for a period of time durring which i eat delicious food and perfect my spanish skills.
9. i really like the male gender.
10. hot chocolate is like mormon crack.

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