Sunday, July 1, 2012

complaints at one AM.

it's one in the morning and i'm not asleep because our basement flooded. i sleep in the basement. i now sleep on the couch. i have browsed every food blog and celebrity update whatever that i can muster up at this hour. however that five foot couch and my six foot self are not quite ready to spend some quality time together. my eye has been twitching for the past three months and won't stop. my mother researched it and said it was either A) too much caffeine B) lack of sleep C) stress
or in some serious cases it could be that disease that jack osbourne just got or inherited or whatever. but my eye is driving me nuts.
also, while attempting to carry like twenty pairs of shoes downstairs today i fell which resulted in a ginormous carpet burn/ patch of leg with no skin. shaving is going to be a p-a-r-t-y.
once when i was at the dentist they told me i only have two wisdom teeth. HALLELUJAH, right? wrong. because as it turns out when two wisdom teeth decide to start growing in, they still cause awesome pain in your mouth. i should probably have those things removed from my mouth soon. 
i just finished day three of my ice cream fast. this might seem stupid. IT'S ICE CREAM. i'm addicted to the stuff and have been known to finish off an entire half gallon on a good day...or bad day? it really depends on how you look at it. anyway, this ice cream fast is nowhere near as fun as i thought it would be on Wednesday right after i filled my stomach with delicious ice cream. this is where being stubborn is kind of awesome/ psychotic/ extremely inconvenient. i'm not stopping this fast. i just realized i didn't set an end date...whoops.
speaking of fast.
i just realized that tomorrow is fast Sunday. hurrah. the brain is thinking i should have eaten ice cream today to make up for lost calories tomorrow. even though we all know that after church tomorrow we'll make up for lost calories. or i will.

all complaints aside, it's July now. just so you know. 

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