Monday, April 16, 2012


let's talk prom. after falling in love and deciding to buy about fifty dresses i actually bought one...and it is the perfect dress for me. minus the fact that it does not currently have sleeves. rest assured my friends, i have plans to take a trip to the fabric store with the mother this weekend. i must first say that i do not yet have a date to prom. slightly concerning, but i have hope. i must next add that i just spent the afternoon purchasing the jewelry and shoes to match my dress and i'm kind of excited. sometimes i put my dress on and stare at myself in the bathroom mirror while trying to keep it from falling down...awkward. can i just say, i have no idea how people go sleeveless. i feel so naked. maybe it is just my terrible keep-my-dress-from-falling-off skills but probably not. also, prom is not until may 19th which is SO LATE. i keep seeing pictures in my timeline from proms being held elsewhere and it is killing me. on the bright side, five days after prom is my birthday and that is a lot to look forward in one week. so i'm excited, okay? and i felt it would benefit the internets to know that.

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