Thursday, December 22, 2011


every year i spend so much time reflecting on all the things that went right and wrong. the first half of this year was so fantastic, i got to go back to utah for the first time since we moved, and see my beautiful best friend on the night of her prom. i got to go to Taylor & Lance's wedding and see the rewards that come with preparing to be worthy of a temple marriage and an eternal companion. i turned sixteen and got my drivers license, reached our year mark for living here,went to the most life changing and fantastic year of EFY with bryn and quickly strengthened our relationship. i had the opportunity to be a YCL at camp over twenty two highly energetic twelve year olds which taught me leadership and patience. i got to spend six weeks of my summer in Utah which included two weeks with Julia, a second EFY, and a week at bear lake with the coolest cousins ever. i came home and got my first job at Target and worked for the remainder of the summer. i started my junior year at a new highschool which turned out a lot better than i expected it to. i made friends, and was fortunate enough to take the most eye opening creative writing class which has improved my writing more than i ever thought possible. i cooked our entire thanksgiving spread for thirty people, had a ugly sweater party with fifty teenagers at my house,and most recently was featured in our schools newspaper as a force to be reckoned with in the culinary world. more than anything i'm grateful for the great friends that i've made within the past year, i wouldn't be where i am without any of them. it's nice to have best friends in Utah, New Mexico, and Minnesota. there isn't any snow on the ground in december which is slightly strange but i'm keeping cheery anyways. as far as church, i'm still attending early morning and serving as first counselor in the laurels class and on stake youth commitee. 2011 was fabulous and went by so qucikly.
much love,

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