Sunday, January 1, 2012


hello new year, it's very nice to meet you.
i LOVED 2011! or the first eight months, anyways. there are a lot of things that i have to be grateful for, and because of the things that happened last year, i've become such a better person.
highlights of 2011:
getting to go home for the first time.
spending six weeks in utah with my best friends.
turning sixteen.
getting my drivers license.
making new friends.
minnesota EFY.
becoming best friends with kelly and briana.
gaining a stronger testimony of prayer, fasting, and scripture study.
becoming a real minnesotan! dontchya know!

going to new york to tour the FCI
utah trip to visit everyone.
finishing my junior year.
making new friends.
dating more men.
minnesota EFY.
family reunion in Nauvoo.
starting my senior year.
applying to FCI, BYU's, etc. (and getting in!)

now let's talk the annual resolutions.
this year i will:
be a better friend
manage my time better
keep my room cleaner
focus more on school
read the book of mormon cover to cover again
have food related blog posts once a week
be less judgemental
make new friends
find time for myself
save more money for school

here is to a fantastic year full of great food, friends, and new memories

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