Monday, January 2, 2012

when you're in new york.

i've had this little list for quite some time now, but as the clock is ticking away and applications are due in ten months,  this list is actually going to be put to use. new york is the avid food lovers dream and the perfect place to launch my culinary career. to get to wander these streets for the first time in a few months is going to be such a dream. hopefully, in just a year and a half, i'll be calling this place home.

New York TO DO's
~tour French Culinary Institute
~tour housing: EHS Clark and Roosevelt Island
~dine at L'Ecole
~Georgetown and Sprinkles cupcakeries
~Carlos Bakery
~breakfast at Tiffany's
~Rachael Ray show
~food network studios
~central Park
~statue of liberty
~times square
~manhattan temple
~mesa bar and grill
~how to succeed in business (starring nick jonas and beau bridges) on broadway.
now i just have to figure out how to cram all of this into a three day trip.

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