Friday, May 25, 2012

have fun in the motherland.

that is what my birthday card said yesterday. the motherland? that means happy valley. tonight, i'm going back. it is going to be a totally different experience than it would have been if i went in october or even feburary. i'm a completely different person, with a changing personality, changing views, opinions, and an overall different idea of where i want the next year to go. the strange thing is, it doesn't really seem like i'm leaving or that i ever left in the first place. exactly ten months ago today, actually. i'm excited to get to go play with some pretty awesome people for the weekend, watch my best friend graduate, party a little. life is good, you know? i just think that it is so crazy, how different i am now compared to how i was when i left. despite how excited i am to go, i'm not very excited to leave. and by to leave i mean the current state i'm in. but i'm goin' on a jet plane for five days. i'll probs learn a few more valuable life lessons which is always good.
enjoy your memorial day weekend. hopefully it's deliciously food filled.

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