Tuesday, February 7, 2012

let's talk chocolate...but mostly spanish.

*es un poco terrible, pero pienso que me encanta espanol mas que comida ahora. mi profesora de espanol es muy buna con ensana. ahora yo quiero ser una profesora de espanol desupes de collegia.

please ignore my spanish, i'm kind of in love. sorry foodies, i've found a new love. just kidding. i just need to figure out how to balance out my two loves. and quick! sorry for the lackage of posting. i think we've all figured out by now that i'm not a very consistent poster. hopefully now that my work hours have changed, things will start to get better. i'm gonna try, i swear!
starting to combine my two loves is easy with the song above. Jesse y Joy might be the current reason for my existence. or not. they seem like the spanish version of my other love Rosi Golan. maybe i'm crazy, but you know. anyways. they have this song called chocolate. it's awesome. 
that is all.

*translation: it's a little terrible, but i think that i love spanish more than food right now. my spanish teacher is really good with teaching. now i want to be a spanish teacher after high school.

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