Friday, February 17, 2012

friday's top five.

bath & body works summer vanillas in apricot. i don't even think they sell this stuff anymore which is such a bummer. but as i squeeze every last drop from the bottle it takes me back to summer. exactly what i need right about now.

yes to carrots lip butter in melon, ($3, target) after three years of chapstick testing. this stuff remains my favorite of them all.

Chobani greek yogurt in passion fruit. ($1.39, grocery stores) i love all greek yogurt but this one in particular makes me smile. it is a vacation to paradise in a bowl. for a lot cheaper than a plane ticket. definitely my breakfast go to.

Luna bar in chocolate dipped coconut ($1.15, target) another go to breakfast, this tastes like a candy bar but without the calories and guilt. adios terrible tasting nutrition bars. i like that this is for women, also. it makes me feel like it fits more of my needs. even though, let's be honest here, they're so good my brothers eat them.

vita coco coconut water ($3, grocery stores) my current go to beverage. not too sweet and it really is like drinking from an actual coconut. no more of that artificial stuff.

thank goodness for three day weekends! three day weekends that i don't have to work during at that! i have a few adventures planned...maybe i'll tell you about them. if you are lucky.

hugs, kisses, and good eats,

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