Sunday, February 12, 2012

valentimes day.

most people left the term "valentimes" behind in second grade. not me. February has not exactly been my favorite month in years past and it isn't even because it's single awareness day. let's be honest, it's that day every day of the year and i love it. except for when i don't but you know. i think my favorite valentimes day memory was two years ago when the coolest person ever and i made valentimes with construction paper and crayons and delivered them to our friends. this year, i'm workin' a little bit harder to make valentimes day fun. this weekend was a good start. you know, lots of baking, chocolate, and sprinkles. AND more to come! no worries, i'll share it with you come tuesday. in the meantime, listen to some rosi golan, and stock up on chocolate...or bacon...or both. you know.

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