Thursday, February 16, 2012

happy. sugar. sweet. love. day.

evidentely the amount of friends i have triples when i bring treats to school. that's okay though, i don't mind sharing. (secretly, i'm plotting to make everyone fat but, you know) my valentines day projects this year included four dozen red velvet cupcakes, four dozen triple chocolate mint cookies, and fifty pepermint bark heart suckers. needless to say my apron is covered in a lovely coating of all things sweet. but it was worth it. see for yourself, whydontchya?
preheat oven to 350*, place unwrapped candy canes on parchment paper, the hook facing the stick to make a heart. put in the oven for about three minutes but WATCH THEM CLOSELY. or else you'll end up with candy cane soup.

melt some chocolate, i put mind extract in my chocolate so i could have a peppermint bark esque sucker. it was delicious.

this is the result of my attempt to take "artistic pictures of chocolate." i kinda like it.

fill the hearts with chocolates, letting one layer dry before adding the second. top with sprinkles or crushed candy canes and let harden.
beautiful, i know.

the only problem with this project was it required some planning ahead. and by that i mean purchasing one hundred candy canes back in december. turns out, candy canes aren't much of a valentines day treat. but they are now hahahaha. yeah.
 i also made four dozen red velvet cupcakes. the best red velvet recipe i've yet to discover. it deserves its own post, actually. so it is going to get one...eventually. for now though, enjoy these beautiful cupcakes that i frosted with my brand new piping tip. unfortunately, it was not purchased by an attractive man for my behalf. but it still is awesome.
 then i made six dozen of these awesome cookies. this recipe, actually. i just used mint and dark chocolate chips and valentines m&m's. delish.
making valentines day about something i love instead of finding someone to love was pretty great. not going to lie though, i still half way expected an attractive man to show up on my door step with a dozen roses and offer to cook me a fancy dinner. however, after this valentines day, it still remains a dream.

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